Pilotesuisse is a non-profit organization founded in March 2013 by a group of individuals passionate about the exciting world of aviation.

Timothy Kriegers who is the founder of Pilotesuisse currently flies as an Airbus A320 First Officer for a Swiss airline. He used to receive countless inquiries on how to start a successful career as a pilot because by popular beliefs, many potential candidates assume that flying as a commercial airline pilot is an inaccessible career choice for Swiss nationals and residents.

Pilotesuisse wants to address the significant lack of relevant information given to potential candidates at job fairs across Switzerland and by aviation schools as well. Indeed, the quantity of objective resources is rather limited and sometimes confusing for candidates that may consider one of the many careers in the civil aviation sector. On the other hand, aviation careers are often overlooked and misrepresented by many Swiss state-run offices of scholarships, and therefore financial aids are not easily granted to candidates. As a result, an accurate representation with a dynamic approach has now become a necessity for the future of our professions.

Our non-profit organization is composed of professionals and we value all key actors who are directly or indirectly involved in the civil aviation sector, ranging from pilots, engineers, technicians, flight attendants, and airport personal who handle passengers with the highest level of safety.

Pilotesuisse is a media platform providing relevant news, objective information, and quality content aimed towards individuals who have developed a strong focus in aviation. On the other hand, Pilotesuisse is present at various events and we frequently host information sessions and teach various courses to increase aviation safety. These classes are held at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and are opened to professionals and non-professionals interested to learn more about civil aviation.

Aviation: a reachable dream.